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Latest news:
October 10Changes are afoot. After seven torturous years at the same rehearsal studio, we have finally ended the contract with Waterfront. This is good news. It means that we will be able to move to a more efficient way of operation, with an estimated release date for a new demo scheduled for approximately July, 2011. That's less than 4 years from now! Certainly something worth waiting for.

On a different note, bass player Cliff decided to split. We wish him well with his other band, The Armageddon Dildos. Uh no, seriously, I really can't remember the name.
June 18You know what? Mentation is still drawing breath, although it`s more like a wet rasping kind of breathing where the blood clots prevent you from comfortably filling your lungs with life-saving air. Ever had that feeling? Yeah, who hasn`t.

Well, here`s a link to our admittedly boring MySpace page. It can`t be less amusing than this site... or can it? Find out now!
Older news:
October 5Shit, I've just realized there hasn't been any updates for at least since Nietzsche died. So here's some pointless text for you to consume, since apparantly there are still people alive that get directed to our homepage.

I wanted to take a different approach this time, outlining what you *cannot* expect anytime soon:

- Recordings
- Live shows
- Sex without strings
- Free alcohol

That out of the way, I guess I need to make clear to anyone happening to stumble on this site that we're still (still!) not dead. We're evolving our music and hopefully end up studio-ready some time into the future. That future maybe March 2012 for all I know. There are, however, still some goodies that I could unleash upon you, such as the still unreleased track and shirts. But as no one seems to care, I'll keep those for better days... or not.

So, whatever. We're doing much faster stuff nowadays and it's got this definite thrash sound to it. Hopefully we'll get to the point of recording again one day, because that will probably mean gigs as well.

Still going strong! Keep sending your feedback/info/trades!
January 31I've let myself emerge from my self-destructive alcoholic stupor long enough to make this news posting, because, you know, people whining at me to update the fucking website really gets me down when I'm drunk and just want to think about ways to end my suffering. Thoughts of killing these fuckers in order to shut them up came upon me, but in the end I decided that the consequences of such an action would only serve to produce more anguish than simply typing some bullshit about the band could give me. So here you go. Pay attention, girls.

Line-up changes

Gerard decided bass guitars suck, basically, and now does guitar. On the bass, Alex takes his place. We've also convinced someone else to sell his soul to Mentation to replace Leon on second guitar. Leon hasn't received the official word on this, so hey. If you're the one that our weblogs lists as still reading this website, tough luck. No fame and fortune for you. Or us, anyway.

Also, it's looking like we're changing rehearsal rooms. Some would say we're doing that to get some of our most obsessive groupies off our backs, but they'd be wrong. We like our obsessive groupies, when they're large-breasted females and actually breathe (which isn't as important as the first requirement). It's a cost-benefit decision. There may be some studio equipment available to us as well, which will shorten the time it will take us to record our new demo. More on that later, I guess. Much later.

Hopefully the people that wanted to know what was up with the band now realize they've been wasting their lives expecting exciting stuff from our direction. Get a life, man.

ROTTERDAM, December 22nd. Just one day after death metal band MENTATION's reported death, drummer Ivo publicly stated his intent to reform the band. Said Ivo, "With that bastard Martijn out of the way, I can now truly dominate the band and enslave the other band members!" When asked further, the drummer simply cackled loudly and threw back his head. He then grabbed his forehead and shrank painfully, apparantly suffering from a severe head-ache; and cracked a vicious-looking whip at Gerard, who shrieked in terror. "Besides, I found that killing yourself through alcohol abuse is rather difficult. You know, with that whole puking business."

No demo recordings are currently planned.
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