Concert dates

Below are the confirmed dates on which we will be playing. We try our best to put up accurate and correct data, but in case any of this information is in error, we apologize. To keep up with the latest concert dates, you can subscribe to the Mentation mailinglist.

There are no shows planned at this time.

We have previously played at these venues:

Saturday, 2 February 2002De Beuk, BarendrechtWith Inkblack and Mental Captivity. Reachable by train from Rotterdam. Visit for more details. Click here for the flyer!
Friday, 19 July 2002De Baroeg, RotterdamWe shared a stage with Martyr (black), Carthago (symphonic metal) and Wolfsmaent (black). See for details and click here for the flyer!
Sunday, 9 March 2003De Baroeg, RotterdamWith Immortal Souls. Address: Spinozaweg 300, Rotterdam. Visit the Baroeg homepage for more information.
Monday, 10 March 2003De Pit, ZwolleWith Immortal Souls. Address: Sassenstraat 25, Zwolle.
Saturday, 12 July 2003De Kei, EdePeacedog festival. See for more information.