Band Biography

Mentation is:
Gerard de Bakker - guitar/vocals
Merijn - guitar
Gerard de Bakker - bass
Ivo van Heel - drums

Mentation started their reign of depression back in the last months of the year 2000 when Martijn, Leon, Reinier and Ivo hung out together in a rehearsal studio in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Although playing just for fun and metal then, the basic set was forged during that time. Over the years, their song-writing aimed to approach a perfection that was virtually unachievable; yet, by setting these high standards, a goal had been set that would guide the band where they wanted to go. A couple of line-up changes later, Mentation was ready for the stage and since then has been showing up at gigs around the country, seeking to break through to a larger audience that loves metal as much as the bandmembers do.

Circle of Perpetual Occultation
Mentation\\\'s debut demo, entitled Circle of Perpetual Occultation, has been released at the end of the year 2003. Featuring four tracks of melodic metal, the title refers to a term that sets boundaries for the heavenly bodies that will never rise at any given place. As a metaphor, this symbolizes the unreachable lasting happiness everybody so desperately seeks during their lifetime. In the end, all happiness is finite and when it is lost, the Circle is complete and the Quest is started anew.