Vaffanculo v0.1

Coming soon to future release near you (updated):

- Italian (and other) language recognition!
- Online statistics
- Graphical User Interface
- Better flexibility and configurability
- Automatic cool-down of your annoyance level
- "Cat's got your tongue?" Untalkative player detection for groups
- Configurable /autokick from group
- More!

This add-on is dedicated to all non-Italian players on the Crushridge server. It will save you much time you could have otherwise spent on playing World of Warcraft. Vaffanculo will auto-respond to any questions from Italian players as to whether your nationality happens to be the same one as theirs. The usual form in which this is done is, "Ita???" but Vaffanculo will catch a few other variations, too. Furthermore, your annoyance level will rise when you encounter an "Ita???" until it maxes out, increasing the intensity of your reply each time. You are also able to autoignore any Italians that ask you the dreaded question.

To all non-Italian players on Crushridge: there is hope! You are not alone!

Vaffanculo can be downloaded from:

Vaffanculo version 0.1

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